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Make Every Day Count

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 2:11 PM

Let's face it....Spring is a trade-off. Life regenerating, which brings forth everything new:  leaves, flowers, grasses, babies of all types, flying, crawling, walking, swimming....the abundance of Spring is evident all around.  Temperatures tend to be comfortable day or night, planting and gardening are in full swing, mushroom hunting is a full-time sport, and kicking back with a glass of iced tea is a regular feature of a break in the daily activity. But along with the many benefits of Springtime is the Jekyll/Hyde personality of the weather. Extremes are a given. Right now in numerous areas, destruction from massive tornadoes has left people, animals, and property in chaos. Prayers are in order....the pain of this type pf tragedy is unfathomable. If you have a way of offering help, do so. Neighbor helping neighbor is a generations-old tradition, especially for those of us who are located in rural areas. None of us know when an act of Nature will cause harm. It is wise to prepare for any emergency before an emergency happens. Have plans in place for people and animals, to the best of your ability and update them as necessary. Giving some thought to this NOW could make the difference between life and death for you and all you love. Enjoy the gentleness of Spring, but along with that, be prepared for its alter-ego.....and with that said, I am going out to view my beautiful irises and peonies, and listen to the birds and rainfrogs sing. 

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